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At Digital Creations USA, we believe preserving  your memories is very personal and should be taken with the upmost care and white glove treatment. 

As we state, we convert 8mm, Hi8, Super 8mm, VHS and VHS-C to DVD or USB Thumb Drive using a unique process.

This also includes:

  • 135 mm Negatives
  • 135 mm Slides
  • 110 Negatives
  • 110 Slides

We can add music, voice overs, custom digital slides to negatives, slides and to the silent movies from the 1940s and up while editing and enhancing them.

Based on quantity, we try to have these precious moments back to you with 48 to 72 hours.

Give us a call and we can quote you on small and large projects.

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VHS to DVD start at $26.50 with a personalized DVD color label.  The pricing above only includes VHS recording directly to DVD.  No editing or enhancing.
For customizing VHS to DVD, please talk with a representative of Digital Creations USA to discuss your personal needs.

All film is scanned frame-by-frame for maximum digitizing for high quality digital output.  All films are converted to MPEG-4 (MP4) movie files at 720P/30fps.

Basic Film Conversion Pricing includes the following Reel Sizes below with a download link for 30 days.  All pricing will have tax added to the final Reel price and if additional services are elected.

  • 3″ Reel size, which is 2 –  6 minutes in length is $20.00 per reel
  • 5″ Reel size, which is 12 – 14 minutes in length is $29.00 per reel.
  • 6″ Reel size, which is 19 – 22 minutes in length is $39.00 per reel.
  • 7″ Reel size, which is 26 – 29 minutes in length is $49.00 per reel.

Additional Services:

  • Burn DVD with MP4 Reel Files Only up to 4GB is $26.50
  • Customize multiple reels into a DVD Menu (DVD Burn Only) $36.00
           ( up to 8 reels )
  • Add music per Reel $10.00
  • 32GB Thumb Drive  – Recorded Reels to Thumb Drive is $32.00

All scans are at 20 Megapixels.

Each slide or negative is 49¢ to scan.

There is a minimum charge of $4.90 for scanning slides or film negatives.  A downloadable link will be provided for 30 days to retrieve your slides or negatives.

The type of slides or film negatives includes:

  • 135 mm Negatives
  • 135 mm Slides
  • 110 Negatives
  • 110 Slides

Additional Services:

  • Burn Slideshow to DVD with Slides/Negatives up to 4GB is $26.50
  • Add music to DVD for Slideshow of Slides/Negatives is $10.00
  • 32GB Thumb Drive  – Individual Slides/Negatives $32.00
    If elected, the above DVD slideshow service can be added to the thumb drive as well for the additional service price of a DVD slideshow.